Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Developmental Editor


Your book could be perfect regarding grammar, spellings, sentence construction, and other things that simple edits can take care of. However, there is always the big question of whether the underlying premise, pacing, character development, themes, and other core things are right. This is why hiring a developmental editor makes sense. Understand that you need a professional that would bring something tangible to the table. This is why you should not hire just anyone. How do you choose the right expert?

Consider qualifications and experience before making a choice. It is important to consider the type of profession they have training in. This would help you know how suitable they would be for your project. In case you specialize in a specific genre, the professional should be an authority in the same. It is important to research some of the titles they have worked on before. A reliable expert should also be willing to refer you to a few of their past clients. Speaking to those clients would help you know regarding their success stories or lack thereof.

Communication is an important factor to consider. The expert should communicate clearly as far as their editing process is concerned. They should also answer your questions and address your concerns. Editing would be very interactive. The expert will read the manuscript and give suggestions regarding what needs to change and what you need to add. Communication must be appropriate if you are to understand what the expert suggests. Rewriting a manuscript is a big deal, meaning that there is no margin for error.

Do not overlook availability when choosing a service provider. Such a provider is likely to be too busy, especially if they have an outstanding reputation. Editing work would require their full attention, meaning that your prospective provider must be able to give your book their undivided attention. Since they might need to read and reread your manuscript after the initial read, ensure that they would be available going forward. In case you would like to publish the book within a specific timeframe, the expert should not let you down. Click here to get started on book editing.

Asking regarding their fees before committing would help avoid unpleasant surprises later. You should choose only a provider that you can afford. If you are on a budget, it is important to choose an editor that would be willing to work with it. If they would be working on an hourly basis, you should know that your book might need multiple edits. Click here for more:


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